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Rock, paper, canvas

November 28th, 2008

Thanksgiving day, before we left Birch Bay’s WorldMark “resort” I had gathered 2 new canvases. One is the parking permit…nice and orange and thick enough for the soon-to-be-reduced to 4X6 Rosa post card. The second is a hunk of beach rock to be painted and named.

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Small Stuff

November 26th, 2008

Little things are fun to paint.

Such as this little hunk of wood and some beach metal which became Rabbit Rain.

And this little piece of brick found on a beach in Bellingham.

And a little piece of wood from who knows where.

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More of Rosa’s post cards

November 24th, 2008

Thanksgiving Day was Saturday Nov. 29th for our family. Bellingham was the site. Food was good! As was the company.

The front-our parking permit for WorldMark’s Birch Bay locale. One short night between family visits.

Rosa liked the little crackers.

And was fascinated with the tadpoles in our pond.

The fronts.

Sister Katelynn Jo was born!

A reward for, well, something all parents want kids to learn to do…hockey hips!

Commonly called chocolate chips.

The fronts.

Rosa saw two walls full of duck decoys where I displayed my art during Artrails. “Ducks high. Ducks all over.”

Earlier she celebrated her 2nd birthday with bug cup cakes made by Chelsea.

The fronts.

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Post Box

November 24th, 2008

I found a cool box and decided to paint it and send it to Rosa Rosita.

It made it through the mail with little or no wear.

It has many sides.

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Rosa’s Post Cards

November 23rd, 2008

Since late 2007 I have been sending my granddaughter Rosa a post card a week…or close to that. She was born in 2006 so is a bit young to really understand what they are.

They relate to her experiences, her development of words, her constantly changing interests. They are painted with acrylic paint on cardboard from boxes of importance to her: a brownie mix box from which she and grandma extracted the mix and made their first batch of brownies, cereal she likes, food she has shared with us, toys she has gotten…all sorts of things. It’s great fun!

Rosa loves books and loves to go to the library. She has many books in her own little library in her room.

This is the front of the “little library” post card.

Rosa liked Frosted Flakes and tigers and blocks so these came about.

And their fronts.

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Fone Fotos

November 23rd, 2008

I used to think there was no reason to have a cell phone that had a camera. Cost too much. Resolution was too poor. Then son-in-law Kenny got a job with Sprint. That got us a great deal on their service so for a while now I have been taking a lot of (too many actually) fotos with the phone camera.

New ones are added often.

Who woulda thought that eating some Tim’s Cascade Style Chips would be such a spooky experience?

Ghost Chip!

It started last Wednesday.  School was two hours late. By Thursday morning school was closed. That night we had 11 inches in the front yard. By morning there was a quarter inch of ice-snow on the top. It was nice and crunchy to walk and drive through.

Snow math. After another day of at least 5 hours of snowing, we had 11 inches in the front yard. Hmmm…11″ of snow + compacting + 5 hours of snowfall =11″ of snow.

It has melted several times.

After so many days of snow (for our area, anyway), it’s hard to remember what day it is.

Sunday we went shopping in downtown Centralia.

Few shops were open. Few cars drove by. Fewer shoppers were walking around.

That made it a quiet, enjoyable time for us. We even found some Christmas gifts to buy.

One daughter is stuck up on a hill, at her in-laws’ house, warm and with lots of time for Rosa to play with cousin Sydney.

The other daughter is in Bellingham hoping roads will clear enough for a Christmas trip home.

Ever feel like this at the end of the day?

A Cheesecake Factory candle.

A Seattle view.

Rust pole in Bham.

Clayton Beach, south of Bham.

Back in May my favorite drink celebrated my birthday…well…

While waiting for CW to find the right item, I shot this. Button, button, button.

Blue who?

My favorite time, youtubed, and its half.

Woke up to ice on my windshield-way last year for this foto.

My favorite time.

My Grandpa Youngs’s favorite number, eleventy-eleven.

Yellow-eyed ghost in a bowl!

Post Alley in Seattle’s Public Market.

Soap bubbles in cast iron frying pans look cool.

A small scented candle, almost completely gone.

Going for ice cream.

Not your typical second grader!

Fun Choice on the cell phone…turn it all green!

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Birds, etc.

November 23rd, 2008

Beach birds…or near the beach birds…or just birds…they are all so fun to watch…and paint.

Chalk raven.

Drawing feathered figures is fun, too!

Ad then there are people…in pen, pencil and paint.

Linda drawing at the Oly Club.

Plinkin’ and blinkin’-from a foto taken of brother Jon back in the late ’60s…

ME, myself.

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Opening Night

November 14th, 2008

The girls are gone so after a few games of pool and a pool hall dinner we guys worked on creating a webpage for showing and selling my art. Well, son-in-law Gabe worked on it. I pushed buttons when he told me to.

And here it is.

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November 13th, 2008

I bought some bingo cards from cousin Becky’s etsy site (scrapsoftime) and painted them


...was his name, oh!

...was his name, oh!




Quote the raven, “Bingo!”

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Cardtoons…cartoons on cardboard

November 13th, 2008

I love painting on cardboard.

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