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More of Rosa’s post cards.

For a long time Rosa was fascinated with hats and noticed them everywhere. Someone would walk by her with one on and she would say,”HAT!” The funniest time was when we entered a bakery/restaurant in Bellingham and Rosa saw a worker with purple hair, looked at her for a while and said,”Hat?”

The fronts.

Hats, hummingbirds and monkeys (Eee Eees or Eee Hees) became a big part of Rosa’s world.

And the post card fronts.

CW and I took a trip to Cannon Beach. We sat near the famous Haystack. She read and snoozed. I snoozed and painted. I had no brush with me so I fingerpainted the rock.

And, of course, the season of Peeps had to be post carded!

The fronts.

Frogs fascinated Rosa. Catching them with a net. Releasing them. Watching them hop.

Sorry about the cut-off cards.

Daddy flew somewhere for training.

The fronts.

Hot dogs cooked over a fire in the backyard firepit…

and a boy who leaves home for a while were part of Rosa’s summer.

The fronts.

More of board with art.

I love painting on board! Be they of the card or wood type. Thick, thin, big, small…I love them all!

If they are not already sold, they are for sale.

Acrylic paint on clipboard.

Blue man.

Clipboard cat

Clipboard Juggle in the Jungle.

Clipboard Pig-call swine-one-one

Clipboard Ruler

Clipboard The Only Good Fish is a Live Fish

Clipboard Exclamation!

Clipboard Question Everything

Clipboard Whte Man

Clipboard Quote the Raven.

And Quote the Raven 2.

Cartoon Raven

A while ago a class assignment was to carve something out of a 12″x12″x1″ piece of pine. I didn’t know what to do. Then I went to the Seattle Art Museum to see an exhibit of Gaylen Hansen’s work. On the way to the exhibit I walked by a display of African masks. I was stopped cold by one of them. I asked if I could take a photo of it and was told no. So, I drew several sketches and those became the inspiration for this carving.

Back in May my favorite drink celebrated my birthday…well…

While waiting for CW to find the right item, I shot this. Button, button, button.

Blue who?

My favorite time, youtubed, and its half.

Woke up to ice on my windshield-way last year for this foto.

My favorite time.

My Grandpa Youngs’s favorite number, eleventy-eleven.

Yellow-eyed ghost in a bowl!

Post Alley in Seattle’s Public Market.

Soap bubbles in cast iron frying pans look cool.

A small scented candle, almost completely gone.

Going for ice cream.

Not your typical second grader!

Fun Choice on the cell phone…turn it all green!